"O Misconducters conseguiu colocar algo novo e sem flertar com outras bandas, a veia Hard/Metal aliada a pegada Punk, torna essa mistura um Rock'n'Roll alucinante e contagiante. São 7 faixas que confirmam o Misconducters como uma das bandas mais empolgantes do cenário nacional" - Rumors Mag (Brasil)

"Composições nada repetitivas, empolgantes com peso e sujeira na medida certa, que promovem um verdadeiro ataque aos sentidos dos ouvintes.  Misconducters é uma banda sensacional e extremamente recomendável, tanto para amantes do Rock N’Roll quanto do Metal" - Metal Reunion (Brasil)


"Para quem busca um som onde a parte instrumental seja tocada com precisão numa aspereza significativa e mantenha os níveis de peso lá em cima o tempo todo, este desenfreado Boundless do Misconducters torna-se uma ótima opção e saiba de uma coisa: após a primeira audição é certo que você irá gostar do som" - Rock On Stage (Brasil)

The discography comprises four albums, four EPs and the participation with a single track on an independent Scottish label’s compilation, featuring Rick Rozz’s (ex-Death/Massacre) band (M Inc) first ever song released. The fourth album, Circadian, can now be ordered directly with the band. Format: CD or LP. Release date: 23rd August 2016.  

All shops listed above have Misconducters LPs and CDs for sale. If you want to buy any album or the t-shirt directly from the band, please get in touch using the 'contact' form.


"This is music that can breathe on its own and doesn't need to rely on life support from a (over) producer's hands. Some may place a pure 'Metal' tag on the work of Misconducters, others possibly a 'Thrash' badge,  but there's a bit of a punk edge to it all too that goes to give the songs a savagely brash front similar to Di'Anno era Maiden" - Über Rock (UK)


"Collectively, the seven tracks on BOUNDLESS offer up a ton of energy and appeal that just feels good to listen to. Hard rockin’, angst spewin’, and skankin’ through the circle pit against the tide, Misconducters are nothing if not reliable" - Metal-Rules (USA)

"Un trabajo notable fruto de seguro muchísimas horas de composición y calentarse la cabeza, el cual podría gustarle desde a la gente mas rockera, a thrashers y speed metaleros, y por supuesto, a los punks de la vieja escuela" - PunkeXpress (España)

Misconducters originated as a trio in the outset of 2008, in London, after founder Den decided to put together a band in order to play his old songs. Some of these songs were written in the early nineties, but since Den never stopped writing, one may assume the arsenal’s been building up for over 25 years – and counting. 

"Os experimentalismos do grupo funcionam muito bem e prometem agradar quem procura por peso e uma música com pitadas de ousadia" - Brasil Metal História (Brasil)

"They play a solid, metallic rock style that’s broad enough to indulge influences from thrash, punk and even some prog. There are some great, catchy hooks in the midst of it all and, put together, it all makes total sense. Powerful and entertaining, this is a band that may well make a big name for themselves in the coming years" - Fear And Loathing (UK)

"Soando direto e pesado, o grupo mostra uma energia quase sem fim, sendo que muitas vezes pode nos lembrar o trabalho clássico do Motörhead, mas mais técnico e sem soar como uma cópia" - Metal Samsara (Brasil)

The loud and powerful live performances have always been a Misconducters trademark and so far got them sharing the stage with real legends such as Discharge, English Dogs, Broken Bones and Disorder, among many others of different genres. 

"Misconducters are ready to conquer the subterranean world of Metal, being highly recommended for fans of Motörhead, Artillery, Nuclear Assault, Tank, Killer (Belgium), Paledriver, Forbidden, Abattoir, Vendetta, Blessed Death, Exciter, Bad Religion, English Dogs, Exploited, D.R.I., Discharge, Holocaust, Ratos do Porão, Iron Maiden (Paul Di’Anno era), and other NWOBHM and Thrash-Metal bands with an aggressive punch" - Progressive Rock & Metal (Brazil)