Misconducters long awaited third album is available now! Check out the songs on the player for a sample of the band's most powerful release yet. 

"Boundless" comprises seven songs (total playing time: 33min), released as a collective effort involving the following Brazilian labels: Bagaça Records, Terceiro Mundo Chaos, Metal Reunion and
Denfire Music.

Orders can be made through any of the labels listed above or directly with the band.​

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                  Out now on CD and LP!!!

​​Lurch (new song)

From Boundless (2015)

From Hypnopaedia (2014)

"That's some cool rock'n'roll"

Paul Speckmann (Master)

"It reminds me of the punky stuff Angel Witch did"

Mike Browning (Nocturnus)

Wasting Away
From 3-track EP Reset (2012)

From Hypnopaedia (2014)

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