Top Of The Chain (new song)
From Pariah (2017)

​​Power Driven 

From Circadian (2016)

Misconducters long awaited 5th EP will be available in September 2018!

REANIMATED comprises five tracks of free style, nondescript, tight and creative heavy music. Check out 'Control Evasion' for a sample of the band's most powerful release yet. 

Digital orders will be available soon on Bandcamp.

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MARTIN POPOFF gives his thoughts on PARIAH:

“I love this album. It's like the best combo of UK hardcore/NY hardcore mixed with the very best of NWOBHM melody ever... I was always cold on NYC or LA hardcore, and I always wanted more sophisticated riffs and a bit more heavy metal smarts and hooks out of UK hardcore, and PARIAH has all of that. It's like Killing Joke or something, mixed with the coolest NWOBHM... Hard to describe! Cool vocals and lyrics as well, that match the music, which is a very important thing. Really classy artwork inside and out too.”


Misconducters is now DENFIRE!!! Check out  Spotify and Bandcamp.

From Hypnopaedia (2014)

Class Of '84
From Boundless (2015)